Friday, December 27, 2013

NSA, please spy on me.

As the  theory proves any government agency becomes useless. The idiots are too busy spying on the wrong people . The former head of the NSA’s global intelligence gathering operations – William Binney – says that the current spying program not only violates Americans’ privacy, but sucks up so much data that it INTERFERES with the government’s ability to catch bad guys.The NSA for example has "failed" the United States literately on many occasions  . With all the spying this agency has done in the last decade , it has not prevented any cyber attacks , nor did it prevent the Boston Bombers,it also failed to stop 9/11: It's been extensively documented that mass surveillance does NOT help prevent terror attacksTop experts have said that treating everyone like a potential terrorist WEAKENS our ability to protect America. Big failure are  the mass shootings and so on.  Easily detectable  cyber crimes like the "stealing" of identities of millions of Target shoppers could have been prevented if the NSA has collected all the nations database  as it claimed .  BURIED IN the 300-plus-page assessment of President Obama’s NSA strategy is something that lands with a jolt and is reminiscent of the Bush era. No expense or effort was spared to allegedly protect the American people from terrorism, which included torture, but in the end the draconian measures used under George W. Bush actually didn't work so well, because the actions went against the grain of what America represented to the world. Politicians needed  to what is  seen as actively protecting public safety and the easiest way is to add surveillance, reduce privacy and expand the security state. What they are not willing to discuss is the impossibility of detecting and deterring all attacks. The suggestion is that more security measures translate to more public safety. We know it is a ruse its about spying for us take for example  NSA has even said—as recently as two weeks ago—that everyone else is spying on American citizens too and that they're trying to prevent a major cyberattack against the United States. Some government officials have gone on record saying they tried to stop the program, and others are introducing bills to put a stop to it

With all the spying madness we have to thank: 

Edward Joseph Snowden.  Some blogs ago I wrote that he blew the whistle in the wrong "direction" he spoke to the Chinese Communist government .  He leaked , and leaked . I find this action ranking with some treachery on his part , running to the UK Guardian for example. His bravery I admire , sure its going change something in America . It also helped cook President Obama image as far as his credibility with other national leaders . The German chancellor for example , it was also a catch-22 it set Obama into a denial mode and sort of reviled how politicians look when they get caught . For months, Obama administration officials attacked Snowden’s motives and said the work of the NSA was distorted by selective leaks and misinterpretations. On Dec. 16, in a lawsuit that could not have gone forward without the disclosures made possible by Snowden, U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon described the NSA’s capabilities as “almost Orwellian” and said its bulk collection of U.S. domestic telephone records was probably unconstitutional. The next day, in the Roosevelt Room, an unusual delegation of executives from old telephone companies and young Internet firms told President Obama that the NSA’s intrusion into their networks was a threat to the U.S. information economy. The following day, an advisory panel appointed by  ## Obama recommended substantial new restrictions on the NSA, including an end to the domestic call-records program. Snowden this week made slight epitaph to the spying madness . You can never believe everything these days , take heed the twisted outcome :
 as reported by NBC NEWS.
National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden said his "mission's already accomplished" and spoke of having “personal satisfaction” at the revelations about U.S. surveillance policies in an interview published Tuesday.The former intelligence contractor, who exposed extensive details of global electronic surveillance by the U.S. spy agency, said he was not being disloyal to the U.S. or to his former employer."I am not trying to bring down the NSA, I am working to improve the NSA," he told The Washington Post. "I am still working for the NSA right now. They are the only ones who don't realize it."

## Clicking back in the "year in review" .  President Obama  at a Fremont California Hotel told the audience  these words .  " No one is listening to your phone calls." According  to the Metro  a local paper , that this was a  first  in a series of Lies the President  said  to the public regarding unlawful wiretapping from the government . What is more interesting about the blunder is that Obama called his administration the most transparent ever . Only in name  if your caught in a lie.

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