Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oakland's shame.

Oakland's shame is the nation's folly.

** Oakland California might be the next big thing in American lawlessness . Finally there is a city that the criminal gangs had out gunned the Police , made the city Mayor look like a fool . Most of all 2 Police chiefs were driven out of office . There was even talk of calling in the National  Guard because of how dangerous the city had become. Oakland, Calif., has a long history of crime linked to drugs, gangs and poverty. But in the six weeks since the shooting in Newtown, Conn., the city has seen a large increase in gun violence. Crime blotters continue to report that this weekend , as 11 people were shot -- none fatally -- following Friday's carnage that left four dead in a period of six hours. The violence in Oakland is staggering to anyone you can ask. The cure for the murders in unclear. What seems to be clear though, is that it is easy to get a gun in “the city of dope.” Some folks in Oakland have lost their mind. Especially some of the under 30 year old fools. They are shooting into crowds, shooting in the daytime, and shooting at the night clubs. Anytime you go to a club, there will be fools there with guns or knives. Oakland now has to get realistic . It's so delusional . The Police are afraid to use their guns . They have legally hampered themselves into a corner because past misuse of authority . If an Oakland  police officer uses his gun , and shoots . It can be viewed by some as "excessive force" . If an Oakland officer shoots a African - American Male . Though defending himself  it's automatically viewed as "racial" lynching  . What Oakland's Police don't know is that the criminals love this . The Gangs like Bloods , and Crypts what ever name gang affiliations and call themselves, they use the Oakland Police departments weakness as a leverage to continue their crime sprees. 
Crime Fighter William Bratton . Will he succeed ?
With all the Gun spewing violence that Oakland has now been renowned for . There is a glimmer of hope  that has blistered in controversy .  Early Wednesday when it voted to hire William Bratton, the former police chief of New York City and Los Angeles, to consult on a plan to stem rising violent crime.The city council here bucked public protests. Opposition to appointing Mr. Bratton, who led the Los Angeles and New York departments during periods of sharp drops in crime, was sparked in part by his support in the past of so-called stop-and-frisk policies. Critics say the tactic, in which police stop and search people suspected of crimes, is aggressive and a threat to civil liberties.The possibility of stop and frisk being used in Oakland upset some community activists, including a group associated with the Occupy Oakland movement. More than 200 came to a Tuesday night city-council meeting to voice their opposition, said a spokesman for Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, pushing the vote back to about 2 a.m. Their main beef with Bratton is that he champions a policy allowing police to stop, question and, if necessary, frisk someone if there’s a suspicion that he’s engaged in or about to commit a crime. Commonly known as “stop-and-frisk,” the practice has allowed police in New York City, where Bratton pioneered the technique, to become proactive, deterring crime rather than simply responding after the fact. Some supporters say it really should be called “stop-question-and-frisk,” because questioning usually is enough. But some civil rights groups have criticized his reliance on "stop-and-frisk," in which officers detain individuals they deem to be suspicious and search them for guns, and which has been linked to racial profiling by critics. Some opponents of the consultancy also worry Bratton will push for anti-gang injunctions.
“Stop-and-frisk is not something that you can stop,” Bratton recently told the Wall Street Journal. “It is an absolutely basic tool of American policing. It would be like asking a doctor to give an examination to you without using his stethoscope.” And it’s been effective. There were more than 2,200 murders in New York City before Bratton took over as top cop in 1994. Two years later, murders had fallen by 39 percent, robbery 31 percent, burglary 25 percent and car theft 36 percent, according to the Journal. While Bratton may not be the silver bullet alone - a federal judge has yet to appoint a separate "compliance director" to oversee the Oakland Police Department - many are hopeful Bratton will make a difference."We don’t expect him to solve everything happening in Oakland," Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said at Thursday's news conference. "We’re on the right track. But when you are too close and you can't see the  forest through the trees, you need help."
**Oakland is the most dangerous large city in California and one of the most dangerous large cities in the nation. There were nearly 17 violent crimes per 1,000 Oakland residents in 2011, more than triple the rate in Los Angeles, according to the FBI. Violent crime increased 23 percent last year over 2011. Last year 126 people were murdered in Oakland compared to 103 murders in 2011, according to police. This year could be worse. Four people were shot to death in Oakland in the space of just six hours on Jan. 11.

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