Monday, July 25, 2011

Glad the Potter Films are done?

I was certainly glad when the Harry Potter films ended .

I don't want to be mean . I am sure that saying something about the Potter Films , and Books might stir an ire .I did not care for the books . I bought over time Volumes 1 through 7 contributing every dollar and every pound , euro to the craze that Mrs.JK Rowling's created.

Sure the "books" did get Children to "read" . Finally , there was a book children were reading . Rowling's magic sure enough placated the educational world with new heights for children s books . However a cleave eye could see right through the looking glass. The Harry Potter Books were not intended for children , yet were marketed for children . It's Vary much like the 'Twilight" saga about werewolves and vampires appealing to young teen age girls. The Potter films were a over zealous marketing scam in some way . The Books and the films are vary different if you compare them . There are a number of bits along the seven books that Harry Potter was Lord Voldermort's son , though never indicated in the first book , that Harry's parents were killed by Lord Voldermort . Rowling borrowed from every occult symbol to wrap Harry in . Harry's scar on his forehead for instance was Voldermort's mark on Harry . Books 1 through 7 don't exactly say how old Harry was when he was left on the Door step of his adapted parents  as an Orphan , but each book seemed like a initiation . The First Volume introduced us to Hogwart's school , with a bunch of "mysteries" all about Harry that carried over into the 5 book .Personally, I’m not that much a fan of the books. I think Rowling has a fabulous imagination and created something fun and entertaining that will probably be with us for decades, but I fail to see what all the hype is about. The books are truly poorly-written, her phrasing is awkward, and the woman just has no sense of style.Another problem I have with the books is that while she spends gads of time developing all these wonderful side-characters that her titular protagonist goes unnoticed, and gradually more annoying with each book. The more time she spent painting her lush, magical world and it’s fun people (I loved Luna, and I loved Dumbledore, and Mad-eye, and Voldemort was such a fascinating antagonist) the more Harry, Hermione, and Ron looked like assholes!I hate whiny, negative people in the real-world. I’m not going to read about them for six-hundred plus pages.

Harry Potter created hysteria among religious fundamentalists  burning the books , or of  course it was part of the marketing of the books . Schools in America took the Potter stuff vary seriously as much as they did in United Kingdom . They started to incorporate the Harry books into their curriculum , teachers sat and read the books to students . There were Halloween parades in schools where Harry Potter themes ran . I don't think some of the children cared .Harry Potter films influenced children's  attire as well , most moms seemed to done Harry Potter hair cuts to their boys . Particularly eye glasses sold with a Potterish flare.
For the Movie industry  , and Mrs. Rowling's it translated into huge Millions . All the actor's grew up rather fast between each film  , two of them have already acted in plays and movies that show nudity.

Here's a few bits on Harry's Family tree. Lord Voldermort is related to Harry Potter in case any one has really read the books.

Note: The names 'Thomas' and 'Mary' Riddle are taken from the films and the Potter Family is not shown.
Salazar Slytherin
The Peverell Family

Thomas Riddle
Mary Riddle
Marvolo Gaunt


Tom Riddle Sr.
Merope Gaunt
Morfin Gaunt


Tom Marvolo Riddle

Harry Potter

Any way . I hoping that there are no More Harry Potter films . On the last film . Hogwarts Academy is blown to bits , destroyed   . Harry is all grown up . Who knows ? If in the UK you bring James Bond back , sure enough Harry Potter will emerge in one form or another.

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