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Greatest Conspiracy


Hi . I wanted to write about the latest American air strikes against Syria . In stead of writing anything on a subject that I wrote on before .  I decided to  have made a copy of the entire transcript of a  (1)>>Youtube video by The Red Elephants called " The TRUTH about Syria  and the  Coming War | Chemical Attacks and Syrian war "
While the information skates on the thin ice of conspiracy theories , what ever you believe on what is really going on . This theory is a bit disturbing . Maybe we should take a second look ,
hope cool heads prevail . God willing !

Currently there are six arleigh burke-class destroyers and three aircraft carriers including the USS Harry Truman being deployed in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria it appears very likely that the  U.S. France and the UK will all simultaneously or consecutively strike Syria within the next 24 to 48 hours , (2)>>I hope by God it never happens , why because of a chemical attack that may or may not have been caused by Assad and the Syrian army sounds legit right now let's go back for a little bit surely most of you have seen the clip or (3)>>General Wesley Clark a four-star general with top security clearance admitting to America that the plan to destabilize the Middle East and take out seven countries was planned for a while. He said that  right and "  one of the generals called me and he said sir you gotta come in you got to come in and talk to me a second I said well you're too busy he said no no he says we've made the decision we're going to war with Iraq this was on or about the 20th of September I said we're going to war with Iraq why he said I don't know he said I guess it's like we don't know what to do about terrorists but we've got a good military and we can take down governments and he said I guess if the only tool you have is a Hammer Every Problem has to look like a nail so I came back to see him a few weeks later and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan I said are we still going to war with Iraq and he said oh it's worse than that he said he reached over on his desk he picked up a piece of paper he said I just he said I just got this down from upstairs meeting the secretary defense office today and he said this is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years" .   Well this actually goes much deeper than that now before I go any further I'm going to ask you to clear your mind I'm going to tell you some things that will engage a natural reaction in your brain to be appalled with me and possibly not stop reading this , but the truth is so controversial before you do this I'm going to tell you that this reaction comes from 50 years of indoctrination following World War two indoctrination and brainwashing to blindly support a country and people that perform acts that go directly against our national interests directly against American interests I'm going
to ask you to break this for a moment and to be open-minded about the information I'm going to give you yes we Came we saw he died now what if I told you that Bashar al-assad was not the only Syrian leader that the US has been trying to overthrow that overthrowing Syria goes as far back as 1949 when Syria was under the role of President shukri al qawall in March of 1949 the CIA and the Mossad used the chief of staff of the Syrian army to overthrow their president from within for example you say that all sorts of things were done in the field for example plotting to overthrow the Syrian government and others without the State Department being a very fully nformed about what you're up to the State Department didn't want to be sought and formed in that particular instance if it had been informed it would have to have told us not to do it and therefore he didn't inform it this was the first coup attempt on record and plunged Syria into chaos destabilizing the Middle East for years and years to come this coup was then followed by many many others including operations straggle operation weapon and several assassination attempts in 1971 Hafez al-assad the father of the current Bashar al Assad took power in this government document it outlined the goal of destabilizing Syria and opening a two-front war against the country and to eventually overthrow Assad's government in another government document it outlines this plan even more thoroughly this document is entitled scenarios of dramatic political change now that you know the back story of the various coup attempts on Syria's leaders let's take you to current times as we already know there was a massive data leak by WikiLeaks during the election season of emails from the server a former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton within this leak was one very important email the email reads the best way to help is real deal with Iran's growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar al-assad now just the first part of this email probably reminds most of you of the Arab Spring but let's go on it goes on to say that she Asians to limit Iran's nuclear program will not solve Israel's security dilemma nor will they stop Iran from improving the crucial part of any nuclear weapons program the capability the best way to help Israel last time I checked our country's name wasn't Israel it is America why do we need to sacrifice American lives to protect Israel surely they have the Mossad in the great fighting power themselves right now this is a question that even Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson posed in a recent segment what is the American national security interest that would be served by regime change in Syria well if you care about Israel your your you have to be interested at least if you care about Israel if you care about Israel the Clinton email goes on to say it is the strategic relationship between Iran and the regime of Bashar al-assad in Syria that makes it possible for Iran to undermine Israel's security not through a direct attack which in the 30 years of hostility between Iran and Israel has never occurred but through its proxies in Lebanon like Hezbollah that are sustained armed and trained by Iran via Syria the
Bashar al -Assad , and his "family"
Celebrating a birthday  . He's the "evil" dictator
that the US , UK and France
want to overthrow .
end of the Assad regime would end this dangerous alliance Israel's  leadership understands well why defeating Assad is now in its interests speaking on CNN show last week defense minister Hugh Brock argued that the toppling down of Assad will be a major blow to the radical axis a major blow to Iran it is the only kind of outpost of the Iranian influence in the Arab world and it will weaken dramatically both Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza yeah one thing about that Israeli defense minister he wasted no time blaming bin Laden for the attacks without a shred of evidence right on 9/11 and predicted the Iraq and Afghanistan wars calling for Libya's destruction and pushing for war with Iran first your reaction having heard what's happened at least four planes have been hijacked and there may be more 
the world will not be the same from today on it's an attack against our whole civilization if it is a kind of bin Laden organization and I believe that this is the time to deploy a globally concerted effort led by the United States the UK Europe against all sources of tell I believe that the world intelligence community in a concerted effort can identify within few months the sources of this dough they can identify the places where they are deployed on earth every such a place is within certain country the bin Laden sits in Afghanistan there is a source identify there because we're not saying he's responsible for this no we don't say that is responsibility necessary responsibility and we should cooperate with them all preemptively both preemptive and by diplomatic means namely hope States you want Iraq Libya this kind of state should be treated as wrong States now this is reinforced obviously with Hillary's proposal if she got elected of the no-fly zone which would have likely immediately resulted in the war with Russia and Iran this is reinforced as well by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama toppling the Libyan government by way of military intervention taking down Gaddafi which now we have seen led to open-air slave markets in Libya but why do we want war with Iran why all of the hostility towards the Shiites while the terror attacks on the US are coming from Sunnis why because it would help Israel if you care about Israel your your you have to be interested at least once again this is another question that Tucker Carlson posed to John Bolton one of the chief warmonger architects of the Iraq war here was his response what is ambassador Bolton think is the greatest threat to America today " I think the Iranians have clearly gamed what they plan to do after the defeat of the Isis territorial Caliphate and we're now suffering the consequences with Iran literally on Israel's border of Israel's border of Israel's border flying drones into Israeli airspace there haven't been any Iran sponsored terror attacks in this country that I'm aware of in the last 25 years there of course been many many many sponsored by Saudi Arabians of the Gulf states and the Sunni Arab world so why should we see Iran as our primary threat Oh in 2015 you wrote a piece for the New York Times saying we ought to bomb Iran if we had done that then what do you think we'd be now well I think Israel could have done it 15 years before and we'd be " in a much better place as Israel itself and the United States are in a better place today for Israel having bombed Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor in 1981 and for Israel having bombed the reactor that North Korea was building in Syria in September of 2007 so this brings us to President Trump just a few weeks ago Trump announced that he was going to be pulling troops out of Syria and turning it over to Assad there was no reason for our troops to be there any longer as Assad in their ally Russia were on the cusp of victory against Isis and liberated Eastern goota here is how the Syrian civilians reacted to this liberation from terrorists upon Trump announcing a pullout Israel and other globalist within our government obviously didn't like this idea and Yahya who tried to convince Trump into
Gen. Wesley Clark .
"seven countries in 5 years"
2 more to go under the
US Plan of attack .
staying in Syria well it didn't work so what happened next and we begin tonight with a horrific attack overseas the pictures coming in a warning they are difficult to look at children being hosed off both the left and the right via mind control Inc which is our media without having any shred of evidence this was in fact Assad relentlessly urged Trump to take action against Syria immediately you know who else urged Trump to strike Syria (4)>>Israel Netanyahu and other leaders of Israel were begging Trump to attack Syria immediately the last time I checked we gave Israel 38 billion dollars in 2015 and billions of dollars every single year you would think that they can start and finish their own Wars right well Israel did strike Syria shortly after the alleged chemical attack but it had nothing to do with the so called chemical attack in any way shape or form even the New York Times was bold enough to admit this in an article they released saying Israel's strike on Syria did not appear to be in response to that event raising the possibility that Israel had merely 
seized the opportunity to take out what it saw as a threat to its own security which it was they just took advantage of this opportunity to justify taking out a t4 airbase that Iran was using Israel's strike killed Iranian Nationals once again war with Iran and destabilizing the Middle East is in Israel's best interest not arms we'll get into why that is in a minute here now back to the chemical attack why in the world would Assad launch an attack on his own people directly after he liberated those same people in a victorious and military action why would he poison children of his own country directly after Trump announced that he would pull out and turn the country over to him which is what he wants most of anything the answer is he wouldn't the York Times Fox News NBC ABC the Guardian pretty much all of the mainstream news sources independent journalists and alt media have collectively confirmed that Islamic State terrorists  has used chemical weapons at least 52 times in Syria not to mention the fact that the last attack at 2017 wasn't even confirmed to be sarin gas based on scientists determining the improbability based on the contact the first responders had with victims and their subsequent reaction this attack was with chlorine gas something that Isis has access to something that Isis has used in the past and if they can get the u.s. to strike Syria somehow well that would slow down the winning of Assad against Isis just a little bit also after Mattis said that there was no doubt that this was Assad in 2017 after the u.s. struck their air base he recently this year came out and admitted that the US was not in fact sure it was even Assad or the chemicals they had used sounds like something that we should just bypass Congress and launch an illegal war for huh and we have yet another deep state and zyo Khan coup attemptwere facing today and it's fine because mind control Inc can just distract you like the sheep that you are with the story about a sex scandal with a hooker from 12 years ago while Israel and all of the other Israel's pull us into another war right it is also important to note that the so-called first responders who are known as the white helmets have also staged attack victims and have posed with Isis militants time and time again revealing that they're probably not the most trustworthy of people either so I posed to you this question how are we supposed to support a country who has had operatives within the u.s. conducting the largest spying operation on the US government now Fox News has learned some US investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and all in the u.s. have had operatives indicted on terror charges against the US while conducting surveillance on our government larger than the Soviet Union ever has or ever will since September 11th more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained under the new Patriot anti-terrorism law or for immigration violations a handful of active Israeli military were among those detained according to investigators who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States investigators suspect with the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance and not shared it a highly-placed investigator said there are quote tie-ins but when asked for details he flatly refused to describe them saying quote evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered it's classified information whose operatives have been seen celebrating after the attack on 9/11 there was a group of Israelis some of whom later were revealed as Mossad assets who were arrested after cheering and high-flying and videotaping the crash of the airplanes into the World Trade Towers have stolen American technology on multiple occasions the Israelis are certainly an immensely Millian influence in the United States they steal our technology they suborn government employees to spy for them and transfer documents and certainly their influence through US citizen groups like AIPAC and on the Congress is politically corrupting well that Yahoo will just tell the president what's what to do and what not to do that's what Israeli prime ministers do to u.s. presidents and what will happen in the Congress is the kind is that is the Congress men and women who are owned or at least bribed by AIPAC and other other US citizen organizations that support Israel will threaten the FBI with budget cuts or manpower cuts if they don't stop watching the Israelis have sold American technology on multiple occasions have attacked a u.s. spy ship after getting too close to discovering war crimes that Israel was committing during the six-day war marks the 50th anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty in order to honor our fallen brothers and to spread the word about our search Brants a group of veterans of the USS liberty and association with a passionate group of filmmakers are in pre-production on a feature film about the attack and provided doctored intelligence on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction intelligence that they knew was false and intelligence that resulted in the deaths of thousands and thousands of American men and a Middle East quagmire that we may never ever get out of why do all of this what benefit is it to Israel to drag the u.s. into war after war after war that we have to finish costing the lives of American sons daughters grandsons granddaughters sisters and brothers well I can give you four reasons why I think that is.

The Controversial transcript ends . Take it as you will . 


(1)>>Youtube video by The Red Elephants.  This video points the finger on the Israelis for manipulating the American government to carry out its proxy wars . The Enemies of modern Israel were/are : Iran , Libya , Iraq under Saddam , the Palestinians , Hezbuallah in Lebanon , which Israel pulverized during the late 1970s and 1990s . Lebanon was the first victim of the current war of regime change . Three enemies remain , Syria , Iran and Palestinians believe me folks . Its not over , its a dangerous game . [ see this video as well ] (2)>>I hope by God it never happens .  I added this to the transcript . Its really dangerous . Russia has threaten to retaliate .  While Peace negotiations have been ongoing between the Syrian government and the opposition in order to achieve a military ceasefire and political transition in Syria, but the main sticking point has been the fate of Assad. (3)>>General Wesley Clark. It is worth noting that 6 out of these 7 countries (with the exception of Lebanon)   According to General Wesley Clark “to be taken out” are now the object of President Trump’s ban on Muslims’ entry to the US:  Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Yemen. All of these countries are on the Pentagon’s drawing board. These countries have been directly or indirectly been the object of US aggression. Clark’s list of countries is not an irrelevant conspiracy theory. These countries have seen heavy interference from the United States in the last decade or so. In 2016, the country Obama bombed the most was Syria. The United States was spending approximately $1 billion a year assisting rebels who have known ties to al-Qaeda, the majority of whom share ISIS’ core belief system. The U.S. air war against ISIS has now cost American taxpayers over $11 billion. Iran is bound to Syria by a mutual defense agreement and has lost significant personnel in the battle. Iran has also taken full advantage of poor Afghans, recruiting them to fight in Syria. Libya was destroyed in 2011 by NATO powers, an offensive in which the U.S. played the most integral role. The U.S. was backing jihadists who fought against the U.S. in Iraq to topple the Libyan regime (these fighters were later rebranded as ISIS). Even up until his last day in office, Obama was still bombing Libya (from Missouri, believe it or not.Obama bombed Somalia throughout his presidency. He not only relentlessly bombed Yemen, but he also supported the Saudi-led coalition’s brutal assault on Yemen’s civilian population. It could be argued that Trump is set to discontinue these practices; but, so far, he is well on his track to rapidly pursuing them. In his first weekend since inauguration, his administration conducted a number of drone strikes in Yemen with no hint at a reversal of Obama’s policies, though his approval was not required for those particular strikes. Further, is the American public even aware that American troops are stationed in Sudan? American troops can go there, but refugees fleeing a brutal conflict can’t come to the United States It’s not really clear why Iran is on the list, other than the fact that Trump opposes the Iranian nuclear deal and has a love affair with Israel, Iran’s number one nemesis. Internally, Iran is not embroiled in any significant military conflict (for the time being), something Trump may look to change. (4)>>Israel Netanyahu and other leaders of Israel were begging Trump to attack Syria. If, the shit is bad  as the Russians, Syrians, Iranians and even the Americans said , Israel was indeed responsible for the predawn attack on the T-4 airbase near Homs in Syria, it is a sign that Netanyahu means what he says every year in those speeches. VLADIMIR Putin has begged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to avoid actions that could fuel further conflict following Israeli air raids in Syria, it has been reported.

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David Hogg leads a new movement
on Gun Control . Will Congress abide ?
I wanted to put something out regarding the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES , which was last month , but as big as the student  Demonstrators were  that flooded streets across the globe in public protests on Saturday March 24th . The biggest question I had was if their impact was truly felt . I think it was brave to see our (1)>>younger generation make a statement regarding gun violence . While it looked all so good . However there are problems , the student movement missed .  WhileThey are right to demand action. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention public health database, when it comes to causes of deaths in US adolescents ages 15 to 19, firearms are an alarmingly common contributor. Over at PWC, Alex Gaffney crunched the data to see exactly how many high schoolers are dying by guns. He found a staggering 2,300 deaths per year on average in the period 2010 to 2016. What is even worse , missed by the mainstream media was that in  2004 a report by the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Education found that over two-thirds of students who used guns in violent acts at school got those guns from their own home or that of a relativeThat’s why many states have some sort of (2)>> child access prevention laws to encourage the safe storage of firearms and make adults liable if children get access to guns. Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia do not. Under Kentucky law there is no requirement for secure storage of weapons, and adults are liable only if they “recklessly provide a handgun” to a minor they think might use it illegally.  The ultimate solution to school shootings is to restrict the numbers of available guns. However, in today’s environment that is highly unlikely. A reasonable solution, therefore, is a campaign to require that guns be secured in a locked “safe” away from ammunition and addled adolescents.This will require education and legislation to make it a reality. But how many more school shooting deaths must our country endure before we offer more than thoughts and prayers for the victims?
David Hogg .
While gun violence in America has been more like  pandemic plague . The idea that an "an anti-gun" movement can take shape here in America . Will it be like a Black Lives Matter , or Occupy Wall Street . What can be said about these recent movements is that they have come and gone .  (3)>>Enter David Hogg Parkland survivor has chosen to insert himself into an important national policy debate. For the vary start there was a lot social media "conspiracy theories" on Hogg , the first and foremost  is that he was a crisis actor plant. Young Mr. Hogg's sudden rise reminds us of that cult 1960's film classic, "Wild In The Streets."  In case you don't remember, were too young, or not yet born...  Since the multiple murders at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Hogg has emerged as a sort of Schrödinger’s Pundit, whose status within the debate sits contingent upon his critics’ willingness to push back. The game being played with his testimony — by adults, not by Hogg himself. While Hogg himself a survivor , he now appears to have become a pawn of the gun debate.  On the day of March for Our Lives, Hogg opened (4)>>his speech with a common theme: "I’m going to start off by putting this price tag right here as a reminder for you guys to know how much Marco Rubio took for every student's life in Florida.” He also said “revolution” for stricter gun laws and called for politicians who are supported by the National Rifle Association to get their “resumes ready”. The right-wing media was ready for their attack , Far right sites, such as Breitbart and InfoWars, claimed Mr Hogg’s decision to finish his speech by triumphantly raising his hand in the air was reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi salute. Alex Jones, who is the founder of InfoWars and has been dubbed America’s leading conspiracy theorist, attacked the rally as a “Hitler Youth invasion” and branded Mr Hogg  "the chief propagandist in the left-wing fascist "Hitler Youth’ army.” While the derogatory remarks against Hogg and Emma González by the Conservative - Republican media is outrageous , over defending the NRA stance , but Hogg is just as outrageous , Appearing on CNN's "New Day," Hogg said that gun ownership should not be a right in the United States and instead should be a privilege. Hogg launched into a tirade in which he smeared the NRA. "Let us [the NRA] sell you more guns at an even younger age, put more people at risk, scare more people, cause more violence, kill more people, and sell more guns," Hogg said.
Donald Trump to Congress  " Your afraid of the NRA".
AS the national gun debate rattled all over again it obvious that President Trump was caught in the middle . The Trump policy has been on record for this support of the NRA . Donald Trump said speaking at  CPAC to promote the National Rifle Association’s proposal to arm teachers in the wake of the latest school semi-automatic rifle mass shooting. Yes , the answer is MORE GUNS . The irrationality of this is two fold , arming school teachers nationwide will set up a monopoly of gun manufacturers that would make a quick buck selling firearms to school districts , would also create re-certificating teachers who would Cary a weapon to work  . But it just will not end there . Teachers have already have more on their plate for example , a teachers job is to teach and not be a police at the school , or handle weapons in case of a "active shooter" . Crazy as it is President Trump at a televised White House meeting  suggested that Republican Sen. Pat Toomey (Pa.) (5)>>was afraid of the National Rifle Association (NRA), seeming to borrow a talking point from Democrats. During the meeting, Trump asked Toomey and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) if they included raising the age limit for some gun purchases in the gun control bill they co-sponsored.“We didn’t address that, Mr. President,” Toomey said.“You know why? Because you’re afraid of the NRA,” Trump replied with a chuckle. “It’s a big issue right now. A lot of people are talking about it.”“A lot of people are afraid of that issue — raising the age for that weapon to 21.”Trump’s reiteration of support for raising the age for purchasing rifles shakes up the debate in the Senate.“You can’t buy a handgun at 18, 19 or 20 — you have to wait until you’re 21 but you can buy the gun, the weapon used in this horrible shooting at 18,” he said.Senate Republicans said on Tuesday and Wednesday that there were not enough votes to raise the age threshold to 21.In the House, many Democrats want to reinstate an assault weapons ban that expired more than a decade ago.
But House Republican leaders believe it's up to the Senate to take the next steps, according to a top House GOP aide, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to discuss legislative strategy. President Trump went to a Florida hospital and met with victims of school shooting. Later he
met with law enforcement officials. The president, speaking to reporters at Broward Health North Hospital, confirmed that he had seen victims who were recovering -- including a girl who had suffered four bullet wounds -- and praised doctors' swift work. "The job they've done is incredible and I want to congratulate you," the president said as he shook one doctor's hand. The Wednesday shooting left 17 people dead, leaving no one in the school    He was on a previously scheduled trip to his hotel in Florida for the weekend. About speaking with victims he said: "It’s sad something like that could happen.” Later Trump made the effort to talk to the students and held a televised “listening session” today to discuss ways to keep schools safe following last week’s shooting in Parkland, Florida, when 17 people were killed, allegedly by 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, who purchased his AR-15 legally, though he is not old enough to buy a handgun in the state. Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he talked about arming teachers with guns. Among those attending were high school students sick of  the “thoughts and prayers” that came their way after last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, same as  the “thoughts and prayers” for the (6)>>victims at Sandy Hook – and victims of the mass shooting at Columbine in Denver, which happened before the Parkland students were born.  Some of today’s participants were parents who lost children in both of those massacres, as well as Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVosBut by far the most impactful speaker was Andrew Pollack whose 18-year-old daughter Meadow was among those murdered.“My daughter has no voice, she was murdered last week, and she was taken from us – shot nine times on the third floor,” Pollack said."We as country failed our children,” Pollack savaged. “This shouldn’t happen. We go to an airport, I can’t get on plane with a bottle of water, but we leave it to some animal to walk into a school and shoot our children. It’s not right!”“We need to come together as a country and work on what’s important. And that’s protecting our children in the schools. That’s the only thing that matters right now.”“We protect airports. We protect concerts, stadiums, embassies,” Pollack noted. “The Department of Education that I walked into today, that has a security guard in the elevator – how do you think that makes me feel?! In the elevator, they have a security guard!”“I’m very angry that this happened. Because it keeps happening. 9/11 happened once — and they fixed everything. How many children have to get shot?…It should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. And I’m pissed because my daughter, I’m not going to see again…King David Cemetery, that’s where I go to see my kid now.”  The Stoneman Douglas students experienced a horrific trauma. No one can deny their grief or blame them for being impassioned. And allowance has to be made for the fact that they are teenagers, who universally believe that they know better than their hapless elders

(1)>>younger generation make a statement regarding gun violence . The US is unique in two key — and related — ways when it comes to guns: It has way more gun deaths than other developed nations, and it has far higher levels of gun ownership than any other country in the world.The US has nearly six times the gun homicide rate of Canada, more than seven times that of Sweden, and nearly 16 times that of Germany, according to United Nations data compiled by the Guardian. (These gun deaths are a big reason America has a much higher overall homicide rate, which includes non-gun deaths, than other developed nations.) The US also has by far the highest number of privately owned guns in the world. Estimated in 2007, the number of civilian-owned firearms in the US was 88.8 guns per 100 people, meaning there was almost one privately owned gun per American and more than one per American adult. The world’s second-ranked country was Yemen, a quasi-failed state torn by civil war, where there were 54.8 guns per 100 people.(2)>> child access prevention laws.  The "Keep out of reach of Children" should be on every gun label , but CAP laws address this problem and encourage the safe storage of firearms by imposing liability on adults who allow children to have unsupervised access to guns. Researchers have found that millions of children live in homes with easily accessible firearms. Approximately one third of handguns are kept loaded and unlocked, and most children know where their parents keep their guns — even if their parents think otherwise. In a 2006 study, 73% of children under age 10 living in homes with guns reported knowing the location of their parents’ firearms, and 36% admitted they had handled the weapons. These reports directly contradicted 39% of parents who reported that their children did not know the storage location of household guns and 22% of parents who claimed that their children had never handled a household gun. (3)>>Enter David Hogg . In a recent interview, shown below, a foul-mouthed Hogg, a student at the Parkland school shooting in Florida, says that gun owners and the NRA are “pathetic f##kers who want to keep killing our children” and adds, “They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action, because they all still see those dollar signs.”David Hogg’s profanity-laced rant was so obnoxious, arrogant and deranged that YouTube systematically censored all the profanity-laced David Hogg videos in order to protect his public image. (Yes, YouTube is now running interference for David Hogg, making sure his public image is squeaky clean while he ravages gun owners with the most deranged, foul-mouth language imaginable.) While Hogg's perseverance is without bounds for the movement , he misses the point that "children are killing children" with legal guns . (4)>>his speech with a common theme. David Hogg's speech that he affixed a price tag on the microphone to symbolize how much National Rifle Association money Sen. Marco Rubio took for the lives of students in Florida. Then there were the many signs carried by protesters that targeted Rubio. One, captured by the Washington Free Beacon‘s Stephen Gutowksi, called Rubio a “kid killer” and “NRA B****,” mocked his religious beliefs, and another accused him of having blood on his hands. In a video interview with an outfit called The Outline, David Hogg said that the NRA and its supporters "want to keep killing our children." Not that they inadvertently enable people who carry out school shootings via misconceived policy, but they themselves kill children and want to keep doing it.(5)>>was afraid of the National Rifle Association (NRA), seeming to borrow a talking point from Democrats. The NRA, now up over 5 million members, donates about $1 million a year to politicians.. President Trump, a day later, aligned himself even more closely with the National Rifle Association on the issue of teachers with guns and beefing up school security.So much so, they seemed, at times, to be reading from the same script.Republicans who control Congress aren't so sure. They prefer to consider only modest changes to firearms limits in response to the mass shooting at a Florida high school.(6)>>victims at Sandy Hook – and victims of the mass shooting at Columbine in Denver, which happened before the Parkland students were born. Columbine High School, Sandy Hook Elementary School, These shootings took place with legal weapons owned by third part or parent .The experiment, which took place years ago, suggests what some clinical studies have shown: Teenagers who claim to understand the danger of guns and say they would do the right thing if they found one are in fact so seduced by the sight of a gun that they cannot resist the urge to touch it.Even warning and educating kids about the danger of guns can have absolutely no effect on their behavior, an ABCNEWS investigation showed. One teenager whose friend was recently killed in a shooting didn't even hesitate before grabbing a gun.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Facebook at Face Value.

Facebook was headed for problems for a long time . First place Facebook played a role in helping (1.1)>>Trump win the election in 2016.  MARK ZUCKERBERG was trying hard to convince voters that Facebook had no nefarious role in this election. Right now there is a "on going " investigation by Robert Mueller on possible Russian meddling .  But according to President-elect Donald Trump's digital director Brad Parscale, the social media giant was massively influential—not because (1.2)>>it was tipping the scales with fake news, but because it helped generate the bulk of the campaign's $250 million in online fundraising.  Last year Facebook’s new fact-checking system labeled a Newport Buzz article as possible “fake news”, warning users against sharing it, something unexpected happened. Traffic to the story skyrocketed, according to Christian Winthrop, editor of the local Rhode Island website. Facebook was reeling in (2)>> growing criticisms that it may have helped Donald Trump get elected by allowing fake election news to outperform real news, and creating filter bubbles that facilitated the increasing polarization of voters. In response, Facebook announced that it would work to stop misinformation in part by letting users report fake news articles, which independent fact-checking groups could then review. AGAIN were was all the Fake News ? I don't think there ever was , but certainly Facebook reporting of it would have boiled over the brim if it was real. Now Facebook face is more about spying on you . That I think maybe "real news" . In many ways, of course Facebook is has been spying on you. There’s a lot about(3)>>Cambridge Analytica that doesn’t quite add up.A Cambridge Analytica whistleblower has suggested Facebook uses people's mobile phones to spy on them at home or at work.Christopher Wylie, a former employee of the scandal-hit firm, said companies like Facebook use the microphone on mobile phones to help tailor their adverts.He told a UK Parliament Commons committee on March 28th ,  he believes the social media giant is able to decipher whether someone is out in a crowd of people, in the office or at home. Rob Goldman, a vice president inside Facebook’s Ads team, rather ill-advisedly published a series of tweets that seemed to confirm the Trump administration’s allegations regarding the recent indictments of the "alleged"[ **Honestly I am skeptic that the Russians had anything to with the Trump win , but as we are told that **]  13 Russian nationals by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The "evidence" of Russian meddling is vary scarce , but the influence of paid ads by both American political parties on Facebook is vary strong . It's also vary probable that Facebook had a slant toward Trump . To wit, the that the online advertising campaign led by the (4)>>shadowy Internet Research Agency was meant to divide the American people, not influence the 2016 election. During the run-up to the election, the Trump and Clinton campaigns bid ruthlessly for the same online real estate in front of the same swing-state voters. But because Trump used provocative content to stoke social media buzz, and he was better able to drive likes, comments, and shares than Clinton, his bids received a boost from Facebook’s click model, effectively winning him more media for less money. In essence, Clinton was paying Manhattan prices for the square footage on your smartphone’s screen, while Trump was paying Detroit prices. Facebook users in swing states who felt Trump had taken over their news feeds may not have been hallucinating.
Conclusion .
Facebook might be up to something, but you are definitely leading the battle in providing data they can use to give you ads, Spend enough time on the internet and you’ll eventually see ads targeted specifically to you. I am not giving up on Facebook . It was through FB that I was able to get my blog into my FB friends feeds , expand my base of readership . While (5)>>many will opt out because of the spying accusations , maybe once and a while I'll post a personal picture of my life . 

(1.1)>>Trump win the election in 2016.  Besides Donald Trump . Facebook may helped re-elect Obama as well . Facebook's political aims have always been a kind of two faced on which part it flipped flopped .In contrast, the Obama campaign's use of Facebook was massive, and even more intrusive. About a million people let the campaign gather not only data on themselves, but on all their friends, who didn't know their data was being harvested as well — a number that could easily have reached 190 million, which, at the time, was about equal to every active Facebook user in the U.S.Obama's tech gurus were able to match this rich treasure trove of personal data — likes, dislikes, photos, etc. — with other databases, creating the largest and most detailed profiles on voters ever assembled.And the campaign aggressively used its unique access to influence millions of people the campaign identified as "persuadable," sending them highly targeted campaign messages that appeared to come from their Facebook friends, rather than the Obama campaign.(1.2)>>it was tipping the scales with fake news.  Regarding "fake news" , Donald Trump used the term accusing CNN reporting of spreading misleading reports on "him". Regarding the Leftist media , they also adopted the term fake news  applying the term to Russian trolls that were spreading again LOL fake news that was Pro- Trump during the 2016 election , that somehow influenced the election . I know its really ludicrous the way it sounds . I never saw a political ad on Facebook that I remember , during the election I did read a lot online . Factually I did read news from Russian sources like Sputnik and RT America that slanted toward Trump after he was interviewed on American TV about "getting along with Russia" . Right now the Russian news media is not saying anything nice about Donald Trump . The Idea of "fake news" is definitely Orwellian in nature . The notion of censoring opinions is more at work , when calling out any news media , or journalists as being the " Fake" . This makes you wonder just were is the REAL NEWS!.(2)>> growing criticisms that it may have helped Donald Trump get elected by allowing fake election news to outperform real news.  Interestingly Wired magazine had given a hint on who was " actually" spreading the Propaganda . *here's* what's really been influencing all those things that "Russia" got accused of. Russia doesn't run FB though, so it's back to square one for the investigating authorities who were so eager to find someone to blame for Trump winning the election, that a large number of former top US businesses - are now going to fail as a result of the "Witch Hunt". Please note , if it was the Russians , we must also assume that Republican National Committee was in collusion with the Russians :
"   Facebook proved to be a powerful way for Trump's team to hone the campaign's message with the kind of enormous sample sizes you can't get with traditional polling. "They have an advantage of a platform that has users that are conditioned to click and engage and give you feedback," says Gary Coby, director of advertising at the Republican National Committee, who worked on Trump's campaign. "Their platform’s built to inform you about what people like and dislike."Coby's team took full advantage of the ability to perform massive tests with its ads. On any given day, Coby says, the campaign was running 40,000 to 50,000 variants of its ads, testing how they performed in different formats, with subtitles and without, and static versus video, among other small differences. On the day of the third presidential debate in October, the team ran 175,000 variations. Coby calls this approach "A/B testing on steroids." The more variations the team was able to produce, Coby says, the higher the likelihood that its ads would actually be served to Facebook users.
 (3)>>Cambridge Analytica. But since it was revealed it harvested data from over 50 million users to aid Cambridge Analytica's election campaigns, other data issues have been brought into question.Facebook spying is reflected in research carried out by Internet charity DotEveryone. Their studies show seven per cent of people think Facebook listens to their phone conversations and five per cent believe it is capable of tracking their eye movements when they're looking at a screen. (4)>>shadowy Internet Research Agency. Despite  “selling your data,” most Facebook advertisers couldn’t care less about your Likes, your drunk college photos, or your gossipy chats with a boyfriend. What advertisers want to do is find the person who left a product unpurchased in an online shopping cart, just used a loyalty card to buy diapers at Safeway, or registered as a Republican voter in Stark County, Ohio (a swing county in a swing state).(5)>>many will opt out because of the spying accusations .If you decide that you don’t want Facebook to listen your conversations, then there is a way to opt out. All you need to do is go into your mobile device settings (this will be different from device to device), go to your Facebook App settings, and then remove Facebook’s access to your microphone. Once you remove the microphone access to Facebook, you won’t be getting targeted with conversation based ads any longer. However, you’ll still be targeted for conversations ads for up to 90 days for keywords you’ve said in conversation prior to removing microphone access.